Wairau Pass B&B is the vision of Eric MacDonald and Helen Campbell who wished to create not only a comfortable and handy “stop-off” point on one of the major travelling routes in the Top of the South Island, but a haven for those with a love of nature.

Our homestay was completed in 2005 and is of earth brick (adobe) and macrocarpa construction to passive solar principles with the environment in mind. We believe in “walking lightly” on the earth and encourage our guests to do the same by offering the opportunity to plant at least one native shrub, tree or flax plant as part of our on-going native restoration programme. This could be compensation for your long-haul flight by off-setting emissions loading. We also:

Minimise electricity use by having solar hot water heating supported by wood/coal stove wetback; open Jetmaster fire in winter; no unnecessary appliances, for instance, electric blankets; switch off appliances at the wall/no standby; conserve water supplies (rainwater/tank); turning off unnecessary lights; use gas for cooking (if not using wood/coal range); eco light bulbs.
Have minimised potentially harmful chemicals in either construction materials, or in the house e.g natural based paints & oils; cleaning products, woollen blankets & cotton linen etc
Conserve water/electricity using low water/energy consumption washing machine/dishwasher (and was dishes in sink!)
have copious quantities of wool insulation in roof/ceiling; polystyrene insulation under concrete base
Grow own vegetables and herbs etc; buy local/in season/ge-free and organic where possible; free-range hens for eggs; home-baking; home-made jams, chutneys and other preserves; real tea and coffee!
Give all food scraps to hens or to the worm farm or compost
Reduce waste by buying in bulk or using recycled containers; buying longer life products
Recycle all plastics, glass, paper etc through the Tasman District Council recycling programme
Are active supporters of the local Recycle Centre shops (and a long-time supporter of the Nelson Environment Centre) and op. shops
have an on-going weed (blackberry, broom and wilding pines) and animal pest eradication programme – we have rat and mouse traps; a DoC 100 trap for mustelids and rats; a live trap for feral cats and Timms traps for that Australian import – the brush-tailed possum
Drive a Honda Jazz (5.4 litres/100km)
Are active supporters of Friends of Rotoiti (a group of people who undertake animal pest control for the Rotoiti Recovery Project in and around the St Arnaud/NLNP area); the Brook Waimarama Wildlife Sanctuary; Friends of Nelson Haven & Tasman Bay and the Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society & the Kiwi Conservation Club ( www.forestandbird.org.nz ).